Welcome to SheStylesIt…

Hey, I’m your Blogger Shashamani.

As this is my first blog post ever I thought I would share 10 facts about me – that will hopefully not send you to sleep, so you can get a sense of my personality, who I am and what my sense of style is. 

  1. I’m the ripe old age of 17, a Christian and the middle child of three. So as you can imagine my family and faith are at the core of my daily life.
  2. I’m in my first year of A Level studying Textiles – of course! Balanced out with History and English Literature as my end goal is to be a Fashion Journalist with a degree in Textiles.
  3. My dream is to attend Central St Martins to do a Fashion Textiles design Degree. This is one of the reasons why I’ve started this blog journey in the process to show my commitment and to also document my style evolution.  
  4. I love being actively creative and being resourceful in the materials I use. I’d like to say I made a dress out of an old lace tablecloth and a nightie because I care about the detrimental effect Fashion consumerism has on the environment but truthfully I’m unemployed and cheap. So DIYs will also have a platform here on this Blog as I believe anything can be given a fresh start – plus if I can make it means limited resources (and a lot of loving imagination) required.
  5. My style focuses on being able to put together an effortlessly Vinatge Chic outfit that still has elements of a punchy, personal number. Achievable fashion is important to me as being a student my day revolves around late nights and early starts; so being able to put together an outfit that screams ‘Put Me on Vogue but if you don’t I’m fine either way as I’m just that cool’ whilst still giving me all the comfort that my treasured pyjamas give is the ultimate fashion state. And on the rare occasions I achieve this feat I’ll post and tell you all about so we can all bask in the glow of a Fashion Win!
  6. Most of my clothes are Vinatge or thrifted. So over the years I’ve developed a knack for digging up gold in charity shops, vintage Kilo Sales or just simply rummaging through relatives houses. So using  this platform I’ll share with you some of my weekly finds and true gems. 
  7. I have a major shoe crush on Dr Martens; so much so that every year on my birthday I get a new pair. My newest pair being the Eleanor Bright purple T straps, that I got for a steal on Depop, for the low low price of £45.This brings me on very nicely to a bit of self promotion for my own Depop page @5ush1 that I have recently started (as I am a broke student). Where I’ll be selling off thrifted vintage pieces that you may see me wear on this blog.
  8. My all time favourite book is a toss up between the classic ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee or ‘Stargirl’ by Jerry Spinelli . The common thread between these books as they reflect humanity at its worst but also at its best and offers a hopeful outlook for the future. My favourite movie is Steven Spielberg’s ‘Empire Of The Sun’ as it was the first movie I ever cried at.
  9. This October I’ll be taking my first joint solo trip to the beautiful Venice, Italy with my cousin. My aim is to make it around the World…eventually and I thought that 18 would be a good age to start the travelling side of my life.
  10. The Quote I live by is: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me” – Phil 4:13

Well, there you have it 10 random facts about me. 

Highlights: 17 yrs old/ A level student/ goal: Central St. Martins/ Vintage and Doc Martins lover/ My style aims to be comfortable yet Chic and Unique/ Thrifter.

I hope you stick around and find the use in my sporadic craziness, it would mean a lot.

Thanks again and see you soon,

Shashamani x 


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