Trend Guide: The Gingham Print. Where did it come from? How can I wear it?

So it feels like Gingham prints have been around forever and worn by everyone from:

Audrey Hepburn

Marilyn Monroe

Barbara Streisand and Julie Garland

To later on (when colour was invented) with their climatic breakthrough in the 90s, thanks to the styles of:
Princess Dianna

Julia Annerston, Rachel Greene Friends 

Naomi Campbell

Kate Moss, walking for Isaac Mizrahi 

And it seems the faithful Gingham print is back with a vengeance this Summer. Bolder and Brighter than ever!
Present day:


Margot Robbie, styled for Marie Claire

Reese Witherspoon,styled for The Edge

Alexa Chung, styled for Glamour

But where did this lucious print come from?

Almost everywhere country claims the Gingham print as their own.

 With the French calling it ‘Vichy‘ as they believe it originated in the Vichy region, France. Whilst in Germany it is claimed it comes from Bayern but Italians say it originated from Northern Italy.

It’s not surprising that so many counties want to take credit for this durable, easy to wash, traditional print. In Indonesia the gingham print symbolises the fight between good and evil. However, in Japan the print is wrapped around a statue to represent the death of a child. 

Gingham print in Europe.

 It was first imported from Egypt in the 17th century in stripe form. It wasn’t until the 18th Century when a Manchester Mill began to weave it into the checked, blue patterns, we know and love today! 

The gingham print is just so versatile, the print itself is quite conservative but it’s the way its applied to clothing that counts. Plus the easy going print means you can match it with almost anything. The choice is yours!

As by putting the gingham print on a Bardot top you instantly Change it from something you’d find in a nursery to a bold, edgy look.

Long Sleeved Tops

New Look|Blue Gingham Floral Embroidered Bardot Neck Top £22.99

I’m loving the embroidery on this one

Pretty Little Thing| Byrani Orange Gingham Print Bardot £18

Pretty Little Thing|Nellie Red Gingham Check  Bardot Top £22

Short sleeved Tops

Peacocks| Women’s light Blue Gingham Bardot Top

Asos| River Island Ruffle Gingham Mesh Cami Top £24 but currently on sale for £12

Mixing prints is always a good idea in my book! This season I’m absolutely loving this style.

Asos|Boohoo Mixed Gingham Tie Shoulder Top £22

New Look| Mixed Gingham Ruffle Top £17.99, from Asos 

ASOS| Mix And Match Gingham Cold Shoulder Top, £36

For this season I’m also loving the Gingham print applie to cute co-ord 2 piece sets. For it just encompasses all the good things about summer and offers a playful twist to the look.
You can shop this set at

Or this one at Pretty Little Thing

And if you’d like a bright colour then there’s this co ord set, from Zara 

With a Gingham dress you can’t go wrong it’s the epitome of effortless Chic. And the lively  print  helps to brighten up any basic dress.

New Look| Black Gingham Cold Shoulder Dress £29.99

ASOS| Sleeveless Ruffle Shift Dress in Gingham Check £38

This dress is on the more unique side and one of my favourites.

So there you have it folks. The gingham print! This print is more flexible than Simone Biles- the styles, the looks, the colour, it’s got it all!  I’m so happy it’s found it’s way back to the right side of style.

Let me know in the comments. if you love this print too? How you wear it ? What other prints/trends your loving? If you want to include more historical elements?

Thanks for reading and happy Saturday 

I’m your blogger 

Shashamani x


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