10 Reasons Why You Should Start Charity Shopping

Okay so I know what most of you are probably thinking. Charity shops? Ew. Don’t the clothes smell? Isn’t it for poor people? Wearing someone’s else’s clothing, is just not for me. And that’s exactly what I thought too… Oh how naive I was.

Before I go into my top tips, I just want to give you guys the reasons why I charity shop or thrift instead of buying most of my clothes.

  1.  Your helping others. By choosing to purchase these clothes you are actually donating to Charity (see it’s in the name) and to organisations determined to make a change for to the better. I don’t whether it’s Narcissistic of me but I feel good- better knowing that my money has gone to a happy home rather than a corporate machine. Plus it’s like your scratching your back and someone else’s. Your getting rewarded and donating money you would of spent anyway.
  2. Your helping the environment. The Fashion world has a really big problem with waste and reducing their carbon foot print. This may stem from Social Media and celebrities shoving fast fashion trends at us or just people’s sheer horror at the thought of wearing last seasons clothes. Whatever be the reason, by shopping at second hand /thrift/charity shops you are no longer the problem but the solution.
  3. All the clothes are unique.As the age of these clothes vary and even the origin. Consequently, the clothes you buy no one else can buy it or wear it as there is only one garment- yours! If you, like me, enjoy being completely unique and individual then Charity shopping is the way forward for a more personal style. 
  4. ITS SO CHEAP! For someone like me who is A) Unemployed and B) A bargain hunter, charity shopping is an answer to your prayers. I never imagined buying a dress for £2 or a top for as little £1 but it can be done.  I have a whole wardrobe for proof! In my local town the prices are extremely cheap ( this may be beause we have one of the highest unemployment numbers but either way it’s a win) ranging from as little as £1 to £5. However the next town over their prices start from about £6 and go up to £15. So it really does depend on the area but wherever you go, I garuntee it will be cheaper than the high street. This is one of the things I absolutely love about charity shopping, I can take my leftover lunch money-  the few quids I have left and buy I killer unique item. 
  5. You may be surprised. So the beauty of this consumer world is that there are so many brands it’s hard for people, especially the workers pricing,to keep track of them all. This means you – yes you, with the savy eye for brands can often get a bargain. I know for me I love the brand Desigual but their  very understated, so I  often find some of their pieces mixed into the throng. Although some charity shops do I have a designated designer brand area, last time I saw a brand new Ted Baker dress with tags for only £80
  6. True vintage gems. There are some really cool individual pieces straight from the 90s lying hidden on the racks. I’ve found some great 90s caricature tops from Winny the pooh to many more. Plus there’s always some good opportunities to diy or upcycle any vintage pieces.
  7. Everyone will ask where you got it from. I may of already touched upon this previously but when you buy charity garments or thrift items they become completely unique to you and your style. And if you’re totally owning your new personal look, others will start to notice it too and want to know how they can attain it.
  8. High street deals. Often the shop is full of clothes from new Look, river island and Topshop. This means if you like a style you can just wait for it to magically turn up in the shop.
  9. It’s addictive. Once you start rummaging around the racks it’s hard to stop. They are just full of potential! Nowadays, I struggle to walk past a charity shop without checking out the stock. Just in case a new must have item is added.
  10. It’s so much fun. Going charity shopping is like the hunger games. Every man( or woman) for themselves. I get such an adrenaline boost from trying to out source/thrift my competitors, otherwise known as other shoppers. Once you step foot into the shop the hunt is on! It’s just so much fun as you know that your having to work and be adventurous for your chosen garments. And when you do find it – you feel like an absolute champion.

Okay so that’s it for Part #1 of My Charity shop Series. Stay tuned for future posts. 

Let me know in the comments. If you’ve tried charity shopping before? If you liked it ? What else you want to know about charity shopping? Don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe.

Thank you for reading,

I’m your blogger,

Shashamani xx

Go out and Style it!


3 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why You Should Start Charity Shopping

  1. There’s a thing so insidious it can’t possibly come from a human being. I’m so happy to have no reason to market to the public anymore – “fast fashion” – stores like Target, H&M, The Gap, have a business model dependent on clothes lasting a year or less and wind up in a dump. Average consumer in the US buys 63 pieces of clothing per year. I’d say supporting the model. I sell vintage – and I am proud to say wear it as well! Thanks for the article!

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