5 Minute DIY: Macrame Charm 

As I scroll through the dark depths of Pinterest, I undoubtedly get sucked into the black hole of  finding out a new trend or skill.

 So today, from the depths of Pinterest I bring you … MACRAME.

Now, for those who aren’t in the know ( just like I wasn’t, until I just researched it). Macrame is a 13th Century Arabic Weaving method, originating from the word ‘Migramah’ or in English known as Fringe. But Macrame has not stayed in the past and is making its mark on the present!

I bet you’ve seen some really cool plaited wonders on one of your many Pinterest endeavours. If not have no fear, Shasha is here with some photographic ideas and inspiration:

Macrame is such an individual style that can transcend jewellery, shelving and Rugs

So to start off my little Macrame Adventure and trust me this is only the beginning, I have a lamp that needs some Arabic influence. I decided to go with simple charm that can be used as a keyring, bracelet or anklet. This way I can test my skills in a non demanding or high stakes diy.

If your like me and don’t always read through the whole  tutorial before trying it. Here are the tips to know:

1. Stay focused; the key to this weave is the order you move the strings in ( don’t worry if this sounds confusing it will all make sense once you begin) So make sure your aware are of each move you make.

2.  Keep it tight and steady; ensure you keep a good consistency of tension to create an even looking chain.

3. Don’t give up hope; it may look like crap at the start but perseverance really pays off.

Okay, so here’s all the equipment you need:

  • String/wool ( I used knitting thread)
  • Charm; it’s important there’s a hole large enough to tie a knot
  • Scissors 
  • A Bead
  • Cello tape/ masking tape – to stick down the wool in position (optional)

Let’s begin 

  1. Double a length of string and cut it. ( sorry I can’t give any exact measurements here, as I didn’t take any down but I would say round 20-30cms) Repeat this step by using the previously cut string as a length template.  
  2. Then find the centre point of both strings and pull the centre through the charm hole. Once through tie a knot ( I tied a double knot) 
  3. Taking the far right strand (4) drag it across to the far left strand (1) under the middle (2) and (3) strands. Then take strand (1) and move it across over the middle strands. So essentially the outer strands have just swapped places.
  4. Now what you’re going to do is move strand(1) under strand(4) and out the other side. The formation once complete should look like a pretzel.
  5. Wallah there you have one basic macrame knot. Just keep repeating steps 3-4 till you have a completed chain. 
  6. Time to get Jazzy. Rather than do a basic knot to to finish, I decided to add a bead to hold my chain in place. Basically all I did was slide thebead onto 2 strands then tie all 4 strands together. Repeatedly until the bead didn’t fall off. If anyone has any better ways to finish it of let me knwkbub the comments.
  7. There you go a marvellous macrame charm to rock however you choose: anklets, bracelets, bookmarks, bag charms or even door hangers 

Thank you so much for reading. Let me know in the comments how your Macrame creation turned out.

I’m your blogger,


Go out and Style it !


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