My Days in Devon

I have just got back from my relaxing time away in the coastal town of Torquay otherwise known as the English Riveria. But I have not returned alone – I have come back with an iPhone  full of some great shots that I want to share with you guys.


This place was made up of 80% boats and yachts. 

But it did sport some breathtaking views and quaint old buildings.

The second main attraction in Torquay is the beach. In the words of Miss Minaj Let’s go to the beach, beach / Let’s  go get away.

And what’s the beach without a bit of sea foliage. Just look at that texture; I definitely had my textiles hat on when taking this shot.

Everything was so colourful from the cabins on the seafront to the shower tap.

I’m not sure if you can tell but the Tide has gobbled up the entire beach, leaving only the steps.

There was even a sand sculpture artist at work

Disclaimer:I did not take the blue one

If you didn’t fancy driving or walking; then train travel was a must.

If the beach wasn’t your style there was always the fair

And Finally, if all else bored you there were some cool rocks to add to the atmosphere and climb

So Torquay, I bid you a hearty farewell…

Thanks for reading and looking at an energetic amateurs work. Let me know in the comments which photos you liked best or if you’d like to see more photography in the future.

PS. Part 2 of My Days in Devon will be coming soon with photos from Brixham Fishing town.

I’m your blogger,

Shashamani x


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